We offer our patients a holistic range of services for their health and wellbeing.

GP Services

Our General Practitioners are highly trained and maintain a continuous medical education. They provide a patient-centred, continuous, and holistic primary health care.
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An on-site Podiatrist is available. Our accredited Podiatrists assess, diagnose and treat foot and ankle-related conditions. Some of these include foot and ankle injuries/rehabilitation, custom orthotics…
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Sleep Studies

An onsite sleep study service is available through an external provider. A sleep specialist can assess, diagnose and treat a range of sleep disorders, from sleep apnoea and insomnia to restless leg syndrome.


Some of our Doctors and nurses have a special interest in anti-wrinkle management. They can advise on the best course of action tailored to your needs.


An onsite psychology service is available through an external provider. Live well and achieve your true potential. A friendly, approachable psychologist can offer professional help for a range of issues including phobias, panic attacks and depression.


An onsite physiotherapy service is available through an external provider. Book an appointment with a physiotherapist to seek treatment for a speedy recovery from an injury, prevent further injury and improve fitness and mobility.

Speech Pathology

An on-site Speech Pathologist is available. Our Speech Pathologists work with children and adults to support and treat speech and language difficulties, literacy, swallowing, speech sounds…
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Our Dietetics service provides personalised nutrition for your well-being journey. Our expert dietitians collaborate with you to create tailored dietary plans that promote health and vitality.



An on-site gastroenterology and hepatology service is available. This provides timely and quality access to consultation for all gastrointestinal and liver problems (such as positive FOBT, reflux, swallowing problems, abdominal pain, liver function derangement, iron deficiency, gastrointestinal bleeding, digestive difficulties and weight management problems). A current GP referral is required.


An onsite Endocrinology service is available through an external provider. These doctors specialise in treating people with a range of conditions caused by hormone problems affecting the endocrine system such as diabetes, menopause and thyroid problems. GP referral required.


An onsite Cardiology service is available through an external provider. Cardiologists diagnose and treat heart conditions which cause symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting or palpitations. Cardiologists also treat conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol to help prevent serious conditions such as heart attacks and heart failure. A GP referral … Continue reading Cardiology